Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When it Comes to Website Design, Color Makes a Difference

When it comes to website design, color makes a difference. It has been proved in many situations that color evoke emotional and physical reactions.Ever wonder why fast food restaurants include red in their color palate? Red stimulates appetite. Why do celebrities cool their heels in "green rooms" while awaiting an interview? Green calms and relaxes.Because colors have this inescapable power to convey authority or weakness, excite or relax, cheer or depress; careful consideration needs to be made when choosing your website color palate to ensure you are conveying the image you intend. If you want your visitor to stay - and come back - your site must feel inviting and let your visitor know, "I'm an authority you can trust."
Applying color to your website.
Here are some rules to guide you when you compose the color scheme of your website.
1. Color affects mood :- Vibrant color clothing changes your mood. The same rule can be applied while designing a website. You must avoid dark somber colors such as black background.
2. Color elicits emotion :- Different colors have got different impacts on us. Colors stirs up our excitement, power or innocence. Define the emotions you want your visitor to experience and incorporate colors to match.
3. Color evokes action :- When you first visit a website then the color of the website first draws your attention. A good design with good use of color draws traffic towards the website.
4. Color attracts attention - and keeps it there :- A white background is your safest bet in terms of being easy on the eye and conveying a sense of trust and authority. When choosing colors to compliment the white background, make sure they match the image you are looking to portray. Red and yellow suggest excitement, but should be used sparingly to avoid overwhelming the eye. Dark colors can evoke a heavy and somber mood when used alone, but adding brighter colors to the mix will give your site a feeling of sophistication and authority. Green and blue convey peace and trust.


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It has been proved in many situations that color evoke emotional and physical reactions.
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