Monday, April 5, 2010

Ten Annoying Website Design Mistakes

Website design must be done by avoiding some mistakes. Here are the ten annoying mistakes that you should avoid while designing a website.
1. Music in the background :- Music in the background of your website must be avoided as it turns off most of the visitors. Music should only be applied if it is appropriate for for the particular website.
2. Use of flash :- The use of flash must be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. Excessive use of flash increases the load time of the page. If a site takes too long to open then it is very annoying for the visitor who wants to get into the site in order to get some relevant information.
3. Lack of white space :- The entire page should not be filled with text. There must be some blank space between the information or else it becomes very monotonous for the reader. Large texts must be separated into small paragraphs.
4. Use of fancy font :- The text in the page should be written in some simple font so that it becomes easier for the reader to read it. Fancy fonts should be avoided as it can create difficulty in reading.
5. Size of font :- The size of font should be properly used. The size should not be too big or too small .
6. Huge graphics :- Large byte heavy graphics should be avoided. If you use large graphics then page takes more time to load as a result of which visitors lose patience and goes away.
7. Too many animated gifs :- You may one or two animated gifs but using too many animated gifs can turn off visitors.
8. Talking characters :- Initially talking characters look cool but after a certain period of time these characters become distracting. Until and unless it is absolutely necessary to use these characters keep these away from your site.
9. Front doors :- Front doors are unnecessary annoying pages that have little on them but act as a portal to the actual website.
10. Pop up windows :- Pop up windows should be absolutely avoided as it is a big turn off for the visitors.

Friday, April 2, 2010

What is Getting Business Through a Web Design All About?

Companies should put some thought in the website design process to determine the cause for which it is being prepared. The truth is that the average product user requires a website design to gain access to all the information about a company. But, a website design also provides him/her with an enamoring digital experience. This is the essence of a high quality website design.
The user gauges the level of your company through the multi-media image contained in the website design. The kind of videos, animated clippings and music included in the design apart from its text show what kind of quality is present in your products. If a company is not able to incorporate some high quality graphics in the website design through a design enterprise, then the digital atmosphere of the design does not satiate the visitor.
Apart from endowing your web design with such high quality graphics, an expert web design company also includes search engine optimization practices for the website in its portfolio. Such practices ensure that the ranks of a website are on peerless levels on search engines. Such activities include many focused tasks like link building, article submission and blogging. Such activities are fully concise and right and procure high ranks for longer terms. They don't produce unstable ranks. The truth is that only such companies can bring results through search engine activities. It's not a child's play to secure high rankings for a website for any company because it involves a detailed knowledge of the search engine spiders.

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