Friday, February 19, 2010

Top 5 Bad website design ideas

The top 5 bad website design ideas are as follows:-
1.Music on load:- The music should not get automatically loaded when you visit a website. This can irritate and annoy the viewer at times as all visitors do not have the same taste in music.
2.Site designed for particular browser:- You should not design your website for any particular browser. Websites should be dynamic. If you limit your browser capabilities then you limit your visitor base.
3.Images must have ALT text:- ALT tag must be used for SEO purposes. Google,Yahoo loves ALT tags.
4.Automatic pop ups:- Automatic pop ups should not be used as it is associated with spam,it breaks the reader's concentration and people really don't pay much heed to it.
5.Bad site navigation:- Site navigation should always be good for the convenience of the client. Good content writing does not count if the navigation is not good.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting The Best Professional Web Design Services

Presently almost all companies are having a website of their own via which they are trying to promote their products and services. They are spending all their money in order to get good web development service. But you need not spend all your money for this. All that you need to do is a good research. You must know your target audience,what kind of website design would suit your service before hiring a web development company. You also need to plan out what would the visitor try to achieve and how you can update your contents on your website.
Coming to the graphical considerations, there are many sites that feature lots of GIF images that look quite poor and also distract the visitors. You need to make sure that your website has good imagery as well as texts. You also need to take care of the size of the fonts. You should think how your website can have impact of your visitors. There are also some websites that adds background music as well as flash which might not be comfortable for most of the visitors. So you should be quite aware of all these when you make your decision to get Website Development for you. You should have a look at the online service whether it provides 24x 7 customer care service so that you can call up or mail them in case of any doubts or queries. You should also check whether they have the latest technologies in the developments of website.
If you are interested to target international readers from different parts of the world then you must make your website global.

Friday, February 12, 2010

How To Choose A Good Web Development Service

A truly exceptional web development company can change the way viewers perceive your company and can help you to increase the traffic to your page in an exponential manner. Building custom web applications to fit the requirements of your company will make the experience of visiting your site much more pleasant for clients and thereby increase the sales.
A website has an impact on the reputation of a company. So much care should be taken while choosing web development service. Certain things should be kept in mind while choosing web development service. These things are as follows.
1. Consider your requirement :- Certain companies are specialised in certain things. So must know the exact requirement of your company and accordingly choose a web development service. You must select a company that will cater to all your needs.
2. Evaluate the potential and value of services :- You must do a good research about the profile of the company. You must also see that the package offered by the company will cover all your needs including marketing and copywriting.
3. Your budget :- This is a very important aspect. If your budget does not fit any big company then you can choose any upcoming development company.

Friday, February 5, 2010

4 Reasons To Make Your Own Website

In today's generation almost all companies and organisations have their own website. But it is really sensible on your part to make your own website design. Certain valid reasons why you should develop your own website are as follows :-
1. Cost effective :- The initial expenditure may seem quite reasonable, with the assumption being, your site will be done in a timely manner, search engine optimized, tweaked and ready to go. But if you do all these on your own then a lot of expenditure can be saved.
2. Your site will need timely updates, revisions and tweaks :- In order to make your site good you need to timely update it. Your site must always be updated with the latest news.
3. Access and control over your site :- When your site is done by a web designer, and is done with html coding, unless you know coding or prepared to learn coding you will not have the access to maintain your site nor the control to make changes right at the desired time you have allowed for the project. but if you design it yourself then you will have complete control over it.
4. There is something cool about doing it yourself :- Finally it is really cool to design the website of your own company or organization.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Latest Website Design Trends For 2010

The trends of website design usually keeps on changing. It changes for the betterment. Here are some website design trends for the year 2010. Take a look into it -
1. Over sized logos and headers - The use of over sized logos and headers are really getting lot of popularity these days. Its main intention is to attract the visitors and enticing them to scroll down.
2. Hand drawn designs - This will become an elemental part of corporate design in 2010.
3. Typography - The use of typography will remain in focus even in 2010. By using it websites will become much more interesting.
4. Use of image - This plays a very vital role as the viewer does not forget images easily.
5. Retro - In an attempt to honor vintage art, 2010 will find Web designers turning to retro design.
6. Intro boxes - In 2010 instead of the same old "about us" page designers will have a intro box where you can easily introduce yourself to the visitors.
7. Magazine layouts - The magazine layout in 2010 has come in part due to the migration from the traditional press to online infotainment.
8. Over sized footers - This will come into trend with huge amount of popularity in 2010.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inportant things to keep in mind if you are having a business website

Presently almost everyone who has a business of his own possesses a website. These are some of the things that you must be concerned about if you are having your own business website.
1. Your website reflects the reputation of your company. So it must have a professional look. If you are having a professional look then the reputation of your company will also increase in the market.
2. Your website should convey your products and services to the customers at the very first go. Visitors should clearly understand what you want to sell.
3. Your website should answer all the questions of the customers and satisfy them to the fullest.
4. You should always keep your website updated with the recent news. Your website should enable you to add new content to your website.
5. The main purpose of your website is to traffic towards your website. So you must keep a track of the number of people visiting your website.
6. You should know whether people are interested in whatever your website is offering them.
If you keep working on all these factors then you can have a great website of your own.

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