Friday, October 31, 2008

Metaphoric Design: A Revolution Making a Buzz in Web Design Industry

Metaphoric design is the most happening thing in the arena of the web design. Though the term may sound novel to your ear, the concept is not new at all. Before dissecting its various aspects, the concept of “Metaphoric design” or “Design by Metaphor” needs to be clarified. This concept comes in handy when a web designer has to design a webpage that has been referred by a client. For example: if a client provides a link of a website as a reference to build his website, it will facilitate the task of designing a webpage according to the client's requirement. This concept helps to translate the exact requirement of a client. Some website design companies in India are offering metaphoric design services to its international clients. Often, this concept helps a client to specify his requirement. If a client demands that he want to get an interface like Gmail or any other site like that, it will definitely help the programmers and the designers to form a clear concept about the nature of the work and to meet the requirements with a stipulated time.

In rhetorical term, “Metaphor “is a figure of speech in which an implied comparison is made between two different things or ideas. Metaphor is used for summarizing different concepts. Therefore, it helps a person to find out the similarities between two things. This concept is now used widely in the web design industry. If a person views the designing concept of some e-commerce websites or shopping cart websites, he will notice multiple similarities in designing concepts. If you happen to visit an online forum, you may notice similarities in the programming concept as well.

Before we proceed further, the importance of Design by Metaphor or “Metaphoric Design” needs to be comprehended. This thing helps a client or a person to specify his/her requirements without presenting an elaborated description. Furthermore, it also helps to dissipate the gap between designers and client.

The concept of metaphoric design has become a buzzword in the online industry. It also helps a viewer or a visitor to navigate in a website as the designing concept is more or less similar. For example, if you were an online shopper, you would not appreciate colorful and fancy designing concept, as you are more interested to find out a product or service at a low price rather than concentrating on other aspects. This is the reason why the design and interface of a large section of e-commerce websites and online forums are more or less same.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Secrets of Quality Web Design

Decoding the secrets of a good web design is not as simple as it may appear. Proper functionality along with breathtaking visual effects can make a website more alluring and captivating to visitors. Incorporation of informative and to-the-point text can endow it with an air of authenticity that will force the visitor to keep visiting a website for getting more information about a particular topic.

Every website needs to have a search button for making it easier for a visitor to collate information about a topic without navigating fruitlessly from hither to thither. Apart from this, this will allow a visitor to get information fast. The links of a webpage needs to describe the content of that page efficaciously. For example, a portfolio button must end lead a visitor to a webpage that contents the price of its range of service. Moreover, what is even more important for a website is its coherency. This is one of the vital parts of website design.

Images, texts, links, symbols etc, which are used in a website, must not loosely interlinked with each other. Using of color combination can also play a pivotal role in this respect. Do not take recourse to glossy and bright colors all the time because it may distract the attention of a viewer. Use a sober color for seizing the attention of visitors. As every drama needs a comic relief, where an audience can wind up himself; similarly a webpage needs to have an empty or white space for casting a soothing effect on the minds of the visitors.

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